Sunday, November 19, 2017

My 4-Step Skin Care Routine

It's been awhile since my last post. I miss updating this page!
Anyway, my blog will be going to a different direction starting this month because I've always been into trying new skincare products, and I want to share about my experiences trying them out here. But yes, i'm keeping my blog name.

You see, in high school, I was very pimply. I get these red bumps all over my cheeks and forehead. It's frustrating, I swear. I remember I hated going to school because of them, and that's why I ended up trying different products and remedies on my face. But here's what worked out for me.

1. So every night, before going to bed, no matter how sleepy I am, I always clean my face with water + facial foam or a gentle facial wipes. Yes, cleansing is essential to keeping acne out of your life.

2. I use Eskinol deep cleanser. I have two variants that I use alternately - one to fight pimples and the other one to lighten my existing acne scars.

3. Apple cider and water mixture. I learned this from Pinterest and other forums. I told you, I try everything from turmeric mask to egg white mask to this. This mixture actually serves as a toner. I use this immediately after using Eskinol. You make this by mixing 2 teaspoon of apple cider (preferably unfiltered) and 2 parts water.

4. Listerine! I still get pimples once in a while, so I just wet a cotton tip with Listerine (any variant) and dab it on the bump. I let it stay there overnight. When I wake up, the pimple is barely there. Works like magic. 

5. Celeteque Moisturizer. My friends and I love this moisturizer. This is the cheapest moisturizer you can find (i believe), but it's definitely the best for me. It's water-based so it's not sticky. I have oily skin so I was hesitant at first to try out moisturizers but actually, they're very important to any skin type.

Well, that's all. You might want to try this out for yourself, and don't forget to comment below how it goes. Teehee!

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