Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pitstop: Virgin Beach Resort Cebu

I'm back! I'm back and ready to share to you my newest discovery...Virgin Beach Resort in Daanbantayan, Cebu.

Last week, I had a 3-day break from work because of the national elections. Of course, what better way to spend the long weekend than on an adventure. We traveled all the way from Metro Cebu to the northern tip of the island, and yes, we found a paradise.

En Route To the Resort

Before anything, we took the bus en route to Daanbantayan, Maya via Bagay at North Bus Terminal and paid P154.00 each. We were not familiar with the place so we had to really look for the signage upon crossing the borders of the municipality.

The sign "Virgin Beach Resort" at the right side of the street is visible, but if you're worried you'll get past it, remember it's just before Malbago Elementary school.

The Accommodation

After making it to the resort at 12 noon, we were warmly greeted by VBR's front desk. We were immediately led to our room. Since they have a promo at the moment, we paid P1000/ night inclusive of breakfast for a superior room. Our room was clean and set up nicely. I read they also offer P2000/night for the family room which can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Refrigerator - Check
Toiletries - Check
Aircon - Check
DVD player - Check

After arranging our things, we ordered lunch: Calamares and Kaldereta. Both were cooked perfectly! Plus they gave us complimentary drinks. Thank God, we needed that after the long ride.

The Amenities 

Some amenities are not available at the moment because Typhoon Yolanda damaged some of the resort's properties, but you can still enjoy volleyball and borrow some DVDs in their collection. We watched a couple of DVDs during our stay. Oh by the way, they also have a small library for bookworms out there.

Hopefully, we can go back and use their bicycle next time. We'd love to go around in bike.

Here are the other rooms. Would love to stay in there the next time as they are pretty homey just seeing it from the outside.

The Food

Meals were exceptional. Tried out their P100 budget meals on day two, and I swear everything tastes great. You can order other dishes priced P150 to P300. We originally planned to order cocktails and mocktails for P50 each, but we ended up sleeping early after dinner. Blame the peacefulness of the place.

The Staff

The resort has a very welcoming staff. They respond to our requests and questions with a smile. We talked with them and I think they're really good people. I think this is one of the best things about the the resort. :D

The Beach

We spent a lot of time in the beach firstly because we loved the view and secondly because we get to walk in it during low tide. It was like an eco-tour or something because we saw small fishes, crabs and other sea creatures up close.

Now, here's the thing, the resort was just what we wanted - quiet and peaceful. We got to stroll around the entire place on our three-day stay and found it perfect for couples, families and groups. Would really come back if time permits!

You can check out their website for more information: Virgin Beach Resort Cebu. Teheee!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pitstop: Tauhai Garden Beach Resort and Spa

Last October, our team was able to find a resort in Toledo that's cozy and pretty affordable for a 2 nights, 3 days stay. Though not so familiar, Tauhai Garden Beach Resort and Spa didn't disappoint our team of 17.

Our journey to Tauhai located in Pinamungajan Toledo started in South Bus Terminal. We took the bus going to Pinamungajan, and I'm just going to tell you beforehand that there's no air-conditioned bus that you can ride on your way there. 

Since we contacted the owner, Mr. JN Cavada for reservations and instructions and for some other details of our stay, we made it to the place safely after three hours of riding the bus.

If I remember it right, we told the 'konduktor' to drop us at Tauhai and he said it was Tauhan or something. We figured it was the same resort since we arrived to the right place. I think we were charged below P80 each for the bus. 

Now, the first time we entered the vicinity of the resort, we immediately liked it. See the picture on the left? Hehe. I don't really know how to describe the whole entrance thing but it was really nice.

We arranged with the owner that we'll have our lunch by the time we get to Tauhai, but we were tired of carrying our bags so we were led to the rooms. They gave us the freedom to choose our rooms. Here's one of our three rooms with one air-conditioned masters bedroom each. We chose the row of rooms in the second floor, above the dining area. There are beds upstairs.

The place was organized and clean. There's also soap, toiletries and towels available. They also have one large 5 feet deep swimming pool just meters away from the dining area. We had our team building activities in the area where they also cater parties and weddings. 

Check out more of our photos.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pitstop: RUVI CAVE

A swimming pool that's cheap.
A swimming pool that's not so crowded.
A swimming pool that wouldn't take two hours to reach.

But where?

Those where my family's considerations last summer. Last minute decision - Ruvi cave. No regrets. Ruvi cave in Tungkop Minglanilla Cebu was just the perfect choice.  

Ruvi cave will not be called as such for no apparent reason. The structure(or design) of the place was truly cave-like. 

The road to Ruvi cave is just across Mary Help Christian School. 

The pool is divided into two - the kiddy pool that's 3 to 4 feet and the other part that's 8 feet deep. But these divisions converge at one point so you can swim continuously from the shallow pool to the deep waters.

Entrance free as of June 2014 is 100 Php and 50 Php for 3 to 10 year olds. Like any other swimming pool, you can bring food but with corkage for beverages and liquor. You can also cook meat there. Just bring some charcoal.

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