Monday, July 28, 2014


A swimming pool that's cheap.
A swimming pool that's not so crowded.
A swimming pool that wouldn't take two hours to reach.

But where?

Those where my family's considerations last summer. Last minute decision - Ruvi cave. No regrets. Ruvi cave in Tungkop Minglanilla Cebu was just the perfect choice.  

Ruvi cave will not be called as such for no apparent reason. The structure(or design) of the place was truly cave-like. 

The road to Ruvi cave is just across Mary Help Christian School. 

The pool is divided into two - the kiddy pool that's 3 to 4 feet and the other part that's 8 feet deep. But these divisions converge at one point so you can swim continuously from the shallow pool to the deep waters.

Entrance free as of June 2014 is 100 Php and 50 Php for 3 to 10 year olds. Like any other swimming pool, you can bring food but with corkage for beverages and liquor. You can also cook meat there. Just bring some charcoal.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pitstop: Narra Park Resort, Alcoy

While the city panicked during the 7.2 earthquake that shook the Visayas region last October 15, our team was en route to paradise, saved from the tremors. The paradise I am referring to is the beautiful and peaceful Narra Park Resort in Alcoy, Cebu. 

Leaving Cebu South Bus terminal at 9:00 am Tuesday, we arrived at the resort, welcomed by our hospitable hosts upon arriving noon.

For two nights and three days, we were able to enjoy the picturesque view of the city from the resort. The resort alone is already a view to behold.

As of the time of this writing, There's only one swimming pool in the resort that is big enough to accommodate a big crowd of guests. The pool is 5 to 8 feet deep with the latter marked with a circle to distinguish its depth.

The dining area slash restaurant is nicely set for the guests. The meals are very Filipino, but I don't know if that'd depend on the accommodation package. You could also order snacks and deserts in their menu. You could just ask their staff to prepare your food in your desired time.

Just beside the resort's restaurant is their small entertainment area where you could play table football and/or enjoy their karaoke. Of course, that's something special here, because unlike most resorts, you can use their karaoke for free without limit.

 Here's the view from beside our rooms. Few meters down are the restaurant and the pool. There's an enclosed staircase on the way to the resto where I'm sure you'd love to take pictures of yourself and your group. Before I forget, you have to pay a certain reservation fee that'd be deducted from your total payment.

The right picture is one of our two rooms. There are two queen-sized beds in every room, that could accommodate four to six people. By the way, we rented regular rooms - the rental fee would vary during weekdays and weekends. The deluxe rooms are, I think, bigger and have wifi connection (the sad part of being in the regular room). And hey, we love their bathrooms.


Narra Park Resort Alcoy, Cebu 
The resort has a service van but we chose to ride the bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal to save some expense. The air-conditioned bus charged us Php 96.00 instead of Php 110.00 since we presented our student IDs - the perks of being a student. From the bus stop to the resort, the service van of Narra Park fetched us, the charge already added to our total payment.

"Thumbs up for the accommodation of Narra Park Resort. We were also able to accidentally meet the owners while having our picture taken. The owners were very friendly and they even gave us two free softdrinks as we departed from the place."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pitstop: Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort

Summer is the time of the year where most of us, students and employees, also families and barkadas, try to renew ourselves from all the stresses we've come head on. So if you find yourself looking for a perfect place to relax during this time...

I recommend you to stay in one of Cebu's best accommodations- Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort translated as 'Big Rock' located in the Municipality of Dalaguete Cebu, Philippines.


Staying here for two nights and three days, our group managed to loiter around and appreciate the structure that seemed to be Venice-inspired. From our area, we could see that meters away from the shore are floating benches and huts for those who would like to swim in the open sea. 

The resort has two swimming pools open till 10pm. While taking a break from swimming, you could also enjoy their karaoke just beside the pool.

Their room rates range from P1500 to P4500 per day for 8-10 people and P250 for every additional person. There's a corkage fee of P25/head and P500 for lechon.

We didn't really stay at the resort just to solely relax, we have to conceptualize and discuss things. So, we're glad that the place has a conference room where we could have ourselves settled for a whole-day discussion.

There were microphones, a white board and an LCD projector for those, like us, would need them.

" I like Dakong Bato a lot because of its view. However, there are really some negative comments I posted below for you to not expect much."


-  Well-maintained surroundings and amenities.
-  Friendly staffs
-  Rooms are closer to the pool and other amenities
-  Cheap if you're many in a room

-  No supplies for the bathroom (e.g soap, shampoo)
-  Pool not so clean
-  No snacks for those who will stay over-night, unlike other resorts
-  Few services and activities to offer
-  Not-so-safe

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