Best Features of OPPO F1s

I bought my first Oppo phone two years ago and ever since, I've been a fan of the brand. I mean, who doesn't like a phone that's sleek and full of customizable features? Now, what more is to love about the newly released Oppo F1s?

Always Take the Best Selfie

Being a blogger, taking great pictures have always been a problem as my 8mp camera is still not enough to capture clear and detailed photos. I still have to use Photoshop or a lot of photo applications to enhance my shots and it's taking so much time. I think the Oppo F1s could really solve my dilemma with its 13mp rear camera and 16mp front camera. Yeah, you get it why it's branded the Selfie Expert!

Finger Commands you can Customize

The second best thing about my Oppo phone is its gesture & motion features that I can customize according to my mobile activities. For example, I set an upward touch motion to turn on my phone so I wouldn't have to use the button at the side. Cellphone owners would agree that usually the buttons for turning on and off gets damaged first. Now, Oppo is stepping up the game as its newly realeased F1s is offering mobile users a faster way to launch applications using different fingers - launch camera using the thumb and your favorite app with the index finger. You can also customize fingerprint commands, ain't that nice?

No Lags to Make you Angry

For the gaming part, I didn't really have any problem with my phone. I played clash of clans, temple run and other popular games in it without lags and with just 1gb ram. Imagine that! So, what more with a 3gb ram?

I don't know about you but i would really invest on this new Oppo phone. I'm sure if you've tried using Oppo, you wouldn't turn to other brands anymore. So, guess what, if you're like me who are already thinking of upgrading, save up on this! No regrets on the last time I purchased an Oppo phone in the market.

P.S. I'm getting the Rose Gold!

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